The Role of Technology in Education

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The Role of Technology in Education

September 22, 2015 | tzwordpress | Meetup

Distance education is also often cited as a cost-saving investment. Although such programs typically require large up-front investments, economies of scale can be achieved. Overall, there are various financing mechanisms for ICTs in education. Countries and communities typically employ a variety of financing and cost recovery mechanisms because of the high up-front costs and large recurrent costs related to such projects. Public-private partnerships and user fees are important components of financing ICTs in education initiatives in many countries.

The role of the teacher has not been diminished by the use of ICTs in the classroom or in distance education. ICTs also do not automatically change teaching practices. Traditional teacher leadership skills and practices have remained important, but experience has also shown that in order to optimize teacher use of ICTs, a variety of support and enabling mechanists must be implemented.

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